Senator Ted Cruz Learns There Is No ‘Do-Over’ On The Internet — See What Happened

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Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas had to learn the hard way that the internet doesn’t believe in the delete button. Choosing to go live with his State of the Union response video on YouTube, a decision many of his colleagues eschew for prerecording, Cruz thought he would be able to beat his political contemporaries (and competition) to the emotional punch. Instead, he has become a punchline for us media jackals who just wait, eager to tear people down. Of course in this instance, Cruz was very much playing a jackal too — eager to shred President Obama’s annual speech about economic recovery.

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Cruz who was less than a minute into what he initially thinks is a stirring oratory, changed his mind abruptly with a “Meh, let me start over,” and began again. Initially, he was fine with that, but, at least showing a record of consistency, he decided to start that one over too. Removing the video from YouTube, his intent was doubtlessly to redo it more as his fellow Senators were doing. But a watchdog media site was able to snag the footage first and create a mirror video, available here.

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And now, like Ted Cruz, instead of being able to focus on the larger issue of making this country better, all we can focus on is how a person “f**ked up.” Hopefully Cruz learns a lesson today about how jackals aren’t noble creatures. It’s better to be a noble lion than a predatory creature willing to eat its own and nibble on scraps.


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