Sitting and Smiling is Just the Tip of the Creepy Internet Iceberg

Sitting and Smiling
It’s weird when performance art and the internet meet. For the most part, the results usually invoke some meaningful dialogue or provoke some insightful thought.

Or on the flipside, people end up being incredibly creeped out and don’t know what to do with themselves. This article is dedicated to those moments where you’re not sure if this is art, or just very unnerving.

Take for example, the latest in what-the-f**k-did-I-just-watch, is Ben Bennett. The performance artist has taken to live-streaming sessions of himself facing the camera, doing nothing other than sitting and smiling. For 4 hours.

But this is just the beginning of strange and creepy YouTube videos, and not all of them involve performance art. Take this guy for example:

He was just making a video for his boo. A creepy, strange little video that eventually landed him an interview on “Tosh.0,” at which point he had become, as my co-worker so lovingly described him, “the most popped-collar douchebag on the planet.”

Also, if you happened to click on the train wreck above, you may end up with this gem in your recommended videos.

Now, not all creepy YouTube videos are inherently rife with sexual innuendo or mental breakdowns:

Okay I was wrong.

This particular video requires no introduction.

Audio is sometimes way more terrifying than video. If you’ve never heard of a number station, sit back and have a listen:

That song will haunt you in your dreams.

Now, I cannot talk about the weirdness of YouTube without mentioning this guy:

Things that make this video incredibly uncomfortable to watch:

Edward Muscare (above) was a registered sex offender. After he became popular, his neighbors found out about his status and he was prompted to move a few times, which resulted in his second arrest and probation of 5 years in which he was not allowed to own a computer.

He had a friend continue posting videos on his behalf, which the court said violated the terms of said probation. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison, where he inevitably passed away. Now watch the video again.

Not sleeping anytime soon? Well, don’t leave your friends out! Stay up together!