SnapChat Snaps Up YouTube Stars For Superhero Series

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Snapchat has apparently realized, like every other social media platform, that if you want to have a chance at being successful, you have to steal YouTube’s stars. Vessel is doing it, Facebook is doing it, Vimeo is doing it, and now Snapchat has joined the heist. Naturally, Snapchat has its own weird thing going on though — so outside the main, apparently they’re not even involved with it. Called “SnapperHero,” Snapchat’s scripted series will involve the likes of Harley Morenstein and Freddie Wong for a largely unclear project.

This is allegedly a series on Snapchat that isn’t run by Snapchat proper — no, it’s all handled by AT&T. Basically AT&T has created this 12-episode series which is supposedly going to drop in the near future, and revolves around a superhero theme. Maybe a superhero who gets occasionally shitty cell service …

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While Snapchat supposedly isn’t making any money off this, they’re clearly going to sit forward and watch how this little experiment in content goes. If it somehow works, it will be a game changer for the company that once existed only for people like me to send ‘dem nudes and not get caught.

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