SNL & The Internet Mock Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein; Eight of the Best Clips & Pics

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They say that all publicity is good publicity, but this might be more than Calvin Klein had in mind …

Justin Bieber’s recent Calvin Klein campaign has caught the attention and ire of the internet. Love has poured in for the Saturday Night Live skit parodying Bieber’s Calvin commercials. SNL, who finally did something good after quite a bit of sucking ass lately, isn’t alone though: sure they did it better, but there are some other folks on the internet who terrifically skewered the Biebs. Here are the eight best internet parodies of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign:

8. #MyHandsHurt

7. Fat Guy Shows Off His Calvins

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6. Doug Armstrong Parody

5. Even Foreigners Are Mocking This Thing

4. Real Life Intercedes

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3. Miley Cyrus Photoshops Her Face Over Model’s For Her Instagram

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2. Two Dudes Recreate “The Campaign”

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1. SNL’s Satire f/ Kate McKinnon

How good is this one? Even Justin had to admit they burned his ass well.

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