SNL Skewers Justin Bieber For The YouTube Daily Top 20


Monday, January 19 2015

Saturday Night Live has been making it’s way on the Top 20 fairly regularly for the last few months, a sign that the long running sketch show has found a way to click with the YouTube generation. Clearly we’ll be seeing more of Kate McKinnon’s painfully accurate Justin Bieber impression. The comic skewered Biber’s recent Calvin Klein photoshoot which has already been widely dismantled on the internet. Prankster Roman Atwood also landed in the top 5 today with his “Plastic Ball Prank” and the SMOSH boys made an appearance with their Smash Bros inspired “SMASH RAP.”

#1 Calvin Klein Ad – Saturday Night Live

#2 Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!! –RomanAtwood

#3 Betty White’s 93rd Birthday- TV Land

#4 Russell Westbrook “Execution” Interview –Travis Singleton


#6 What’s Your Password? – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#7 Big Block of Cheese Day Is Back – The White House

#8 Slapjack With Kevin Hart – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#9 The NCAA and Penn State Are The World’s Worst In Sports – Keith Olbermann

#10 Greg Monroe goes silent when asked what’s different about the improved Pistons – BadBoysRemix

#11 Singing Challenge Ft. Lady Antebellum – Good Mythical Morning

#12 We Got This –The Purple Panzy

#13 James Taylor Sings “Friend” Live in Paris France, with John Kerry – PSB Satellite

#14 Young Jack to Neil deGrasse Tyson: What’s the Meaning of Life? – Marisa.Was.Here

#15 NASA | 2014 Continues Long-Term Global Warming – NASA Goddard

#16 Misconceptions about Getting Sick – mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 11) – Mental Floss

#17 How to Tie a Tie Like a Ninja – CrazyRussianHacker

#18 One of those days 2 – Candid Thovex

#19 Adam Lambert – Recreates Original Audition – American Idol 2015 – IdolXVoice

#20 Key & Peele Super Bowl Special – Picks for the Colts vs. Patriots AFC Championship Game – Comedy Central

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