The 6 Best (and Worst!) Videos of Animals Predicting the Super Bowl

Note the ball in this picture appears under inflated...

Note the ball in this picture appears under inflated…

When we resort to animals picking our championship game winning teams, there are no real winners. That being said, it’s still pretty funny from time to time. Especially when the animals get it right repeatedly. Here is a list of some of the best animal Nostradamus’ and their best prognostications — don’t go running to Vegas or the pet store after this, please.

6. Zoo Crocodile Eats Chicken Painted With Team Colors

At the end of the day, these “wizards of time and space” just want the damn food. What’s interesting in this case is that it’s so open-ended. This crocodile ate the Seahawks chicken, apparently picking it. But what if that means it left the winning chicken alone? So mysterious …

5. Fortune Kitty

Okay, the good news is someone is definitely wrong here. Fortune Kitty takes New England. I think if Fortune Kitty is wrong he should be fed to the Fortune Crocodile. And if the alligator is wrong? Well that kitty gets an amazing lunch with some new boots as well.

4. Tiger Chases Remote Control Cars

I didn’t think the Bengals were still in it, but here we are. Predicting a Patriots upset, this tiger definitely had the ability to choose either team and went for the boys in silver. Can he possibly be right?

3. Teddy Bear the Porcupine Likes Corn

This masterful (AND LOUD!) little prick has picked the correct winners three years in a row … if we are to believe the older videos are legit. But he has predicted the Seahawks going forward, and that’s all that matters.

2. Ozzy the Bear Nibbles For …

Turns out the Bears are leaning Patriots … but not by much.

1. Leilei the Panda Cuddles Up With the Winner

If you were betting for the Seahawks, just know you’re going AGAINST what Leilei thinks is going to happen. He chose to pull down and cuddle with a big Patriots blanket. Considering he will be extinct with the rest of his misinformed species in a few years, take his knowledge with a grain of salt.

So by animal decision, the big winner of the Super Bowl XLIX this year will be … THE PATRIOTS! Yup, the animals are calling for an upset by a margin of 4-2. Thank God, we didn’t have a tie … we would have had to track down that octopus with an uncanny knack for picking World Cup soccer winners.


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