The 8 Best Hypotheticals YouTube Has To Offer

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“What if” is such a strong condemnation of reality. “What if the Nazis had won?” “What if people couldn’t get fat?” It is people so dissatisfied with the current state of the world that they long to see an alternate universe to determine if they are living Candide’s best possible outcomes. Sometimes though, hypotheticals are a majestic thing. Sometimes, we get offered a compelling and logical view of that alternate universe through the magic of YouTube, and it looks really, really enticing. Take these eight videos for instance … don’t you kind of wish at least a couple of them were real?

8. What If Humans Disappeared?

Well hell ASAPScience, this is pretty grim for a Friday.

7. What if the World Stopped Spinning?

Vsauce is always good for a little doom and gloom, so it only makes sense that we’d include their downer news on this list. Hopefully we get a little more positive scenarios going forward.

6. What if the Americas Never Existed?

Alternate History Hub is sort of the “It’s A Wonderful Life” for YouTube. We’re constantly being asked “What if” questions about important parts of history. Turns out, us Americans (both North and South) are pretty integral …

5. What If Superman Was Adopted By The Waynes

While I don’t necessarily endorse the quality of the storytelling by Cartoon Hooligans here (I think it could have been a much grander idea — imagine Superman with Batman-style gadgets), I do prefer that Batman is snubbed out of existence. I hate when people begin a Batman vs. Superman discussion because you’re talking about a being that can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes and reverse time. Batman can’t do shit. That particular hypothetical needs to end. Batman, COMPARED TO SUPERMAN, sucks ass.

4. What If I Had A Girlfriend?

The less annoying version of Fred, Luke Korns, is living proof that not all “What if” scenarios have to be a grand scale. Sometimes they can be intimate and tied in to one person. Sure there are some logical fallacies here, but Luke really kicks down the door to Wonderland with his hopped-up scenarios.

3. Good Mythical Morning Plays “What If” Game With Daniel Radcliffe

I respect the hell out of Rhett & Link and Daniel Radcliffe, I find all three of them to be incredibly sharp individuals, so this grouping of the three sort of blows my mind — especially because they play the “What If” game. (Mind explodes).

2. What if Michael Bay directed Up?

Finally a hypothetical I can get behind. I love when genres get swapped and, as far as movies go, Michael Bay doing Pixar would be a complete a polar shift. I would love to see this. No, I demand to see this. MrStratman7, get this going!

1. What if Star Wars: Episode 1 Was Good?

Belated Media has opened Pandora’s Box with this query. But you know what? He nails it! His vision of how the movie goes down is so right on that it makes me angry for what we got instead. In a sense, the best thing that could ever happen to the Star Wars franchise was that it was taken away from George Lucas. Hopefully Disney watches Belated Media.

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