The YouTubers Of Sundance & Slamdance: Who Is Doing What

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There’s no finer symbol of YouTube going mainstream than to have YouTubers mingling amongst the stars and executives of Hollywood proper, pitching them their wares. With YouTubers having been nominated for Oscars (PESfilms), winning Emmys (Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and making Hollywood money, it’s no stretch of the imagination to see the upper echelon of online entertainment strutting the snow-lined streets of Park City, Utah.

If you don’t know what the Sundance or Slamdance Film Festivals are, please note that this article is a level two piece. You should only be reading the level one tier articles. Okay, fiiiiiiiine, Sundance is a festival started by Robert Redford to bring exposure to indie movies that has since grown into a major Hollywood happening. It’s very, very cool. Slamdance, held concurrently with Sundance, is the sort of festival that rejects how mainstream Sundance is. Here are some of the cool YouTubers who are there, cruising one festival or both, and what they are up to:

– Former Oscar nominee (for Fresh Guacamole) PESfilms has a new short film project screening at Sundance:

– Cinefix is there, covering films like Cinefix do.

– The Fine Brothers were on a panel with George Strompolos, CEO of Fullscreen, in regards to “Jump-Starting Your Film Career.”

– Flula is there screening a trailer of his movie Johnny Fist as well as filming another movie AT Sundance:

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– iJustine has been working with Billboard, playing MC for their music night, which included a performance by Iggy Azalea:

– Zealot Networks sponsored Slamdance & CEO Danny Zappin did a presentation about the origins of Maker.

– Yulin Kuang, who did “I Ship It” for the New Form Digital contest, had a clip of the film screened before the shorts program premiere.

– Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth showed up to do a crowdfunding panel.

– NMR superfriend Olga Kay is cruising the scene and has become the unofficial Queen of Sundance Selfies!

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See anyone there that we didn’t include? Or didn’t intentionally exclude? Please let us know in the comments below. And share this wouldja? It will make your mother happy.