Transformation Tuesday: Joe Bereta

Bereta Poster
Joe Bereta. His name usually excites the hearts of internet-news lovers around the world, and for good reason. Joe has been one of the biggest influencers of comedic-internet-news culture, but it wasn’t always that way. Come with me, let’s travel back and look at the Joe in his years of yore.

Before becoming the manly man we know him as today, Joe was a sportsman. He was very good at the sportsball, but inevitably turned his attention from the game to the world of acting and comedy, which everyone the world over is grateful for. Teaming up with Luke Barats, Joe co-founded the channel “Barats and Bereta” which took the internet by storm with its hilarity.

While working on the channel, Joe honed his skills doing stand-up at local clubs and working multiple commercial acting gigs.

Then came SourceFed. Finally, the internet had a chance to grasp the stunning, manly brilliance that is Joe Bereta. The channel launched January 2013 and became an internet cultural phenomenon. SourceFed ended up winning two Streamy Awards, and it couldn’t have been done without Joe’s comedic styling and guidance

These days Joe has moved on from SourceFed, landing on the fantastic AWE me channel. Today marked the launch of his new How-To series. The first episode? “How to Win an Oscar.”

You’re welcome.

Joe has grown significantly in these past couple of years, and sure enough, he’s gonna keep going until he takes over the world.

We’re totally okay with this.

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