Transformation Tuesday: Laci Green Then and Now

New Year, New NMR. It’s 2015 and we’re updating some of our recurring features to keep things fresh. Today we’re happy to introduce #TransformationTuesday. YouTube has been around for a long time and some of our favorite creators have almost a decade of experience under their belts, so every Tuesday we’re going to take a look back at one of the best and see how things have changed between their very first video and their latest. To kick off this new feature, who better than a creator who’s come a long way while always staying true to herself, the amazing Laci Green.





We had to go all the way back to early 2008 to find this earliest known appearance from Laci Green. Just turned 19 and reviewing a birth control product before heading out for school, could there be a more perfect first video for the woman who would become one of the most outspoken advocates of sex education on the web? The lighting and video quality leaves something to be desired (these were the days of 480p after all) but the confident voice and the style are already there. She’s thoughtful, insightful, and willing to tackle an important topic that many would be uncomfortable discussing even with close friends. There couldn’t be a more perfect video to foreshadow the epic YouTube career to come.




Fast forward to 2015 and Laci is back and better than ever, but also kind of the same? We might be living the science fiction future of self-driving cars and 1080p but Laci Green is right where you’d expect her to be, dolling out sharp, sex positive and body positive tips to welcome the new year. Since her earliest appearance Laci has come into her own as internet’s sex-ed teacher extraordinaire, and her no-holds barred videos have earned worldwide recognition. In the last year she passed 1.2 million subscribers on her personal channel, became a crusader against sexual violence, and called out abusers within the YouTube community. She was recently chosen to front MTV’s first stand-alone digital channel with her show Braless giving her an even bigger megaphone for her sex-positive feminist message. In 2014 New Media Rockstars ranked Laci at #16 on their inaugural list of the 100 greatest YouTube channels of all time. Looking back on her earliest work it’s not hard to see how Laci has developed into one of YouTube’s all-time greats with an amazing body of work behind her and a huge future in front of her.


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