Transformation Tuesday: Smosh!

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You want to watch someone transform on YouTube, look no further than Smosh. We — and most of the rest of the world — witnessed these two young teens making pop culture themes in their bedroom in the extreme infancy of YouTube. On November 19, 2005, their second video ever was uploaded to the site. (Trivia: The name Smosh comes from a friend misunderstanding what a “mosh pit” was called.)

Needless to say, they’ve come a long, long way. Back then, Smosh was just two goofy kids, amazed by the sheer number of people watching their stuff. Now, Smosh is nearly a household name, a brand empire with a magazine, ad deals, a forthcoming movie and millions of subscribers that translate into millions of dollars a year. To say Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are anything less than moguls would be a gross understatement. Starting out on the Flash animation site NewGrounds in 2003, Ian was later joined by his boyhood friend Anthony, and the two of them jumped onto the new YouTube platform. They quickly became one of the most viewed channels and haven’t quit, racking up over 19 million subscribers and 3.9 billion video views.


Look, at the friggin’ difference — not just in production value, equipment, costumes and acumen, but also the Smosh boys themselves. They aren’t boys anymore — more like men. Men who get engaged (and unengaged), men who do their own rapping rather than just lip syncing. Hell, we’re pretty sure if you go back and watch all their videos in sequential order, you can watch them grow up before your eyes.


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