Unlock A New Level of…Nerfery?


Ah, the ancient art of Nerfery. Our ancient ancestors in the 90s wielded the power of Nerf with deadly precision, but with the rise of first-person shooters and online gaming, the art of Nerf has faded into obscurity. Once widespread, the secrets of Nerf are lost to the mists of time and Nick Jr. commercials. By now you’ve probably seen “A New Level of Archery” a viral video from archer Lars Andersen who claims to have recovered the secrets to ancient forms of archery no longer practiced in the modern world. It’s a pretty ambitious claim, but not as much as this hilarious parody.

Andersen may have cracked the secrets of ancient archers, but these guys have done something even more impossible: they’ve found a way to wield a Nerf gun AS ADVERTISED. Until now no one has ever managed to have even a fraction of the fun promised in commercials for Nerf products, but thanks to the innovations of Nils Maarsden and his team of researchers, new heights of enjoyment may soon be open to all of us. Check it out:



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