Up-and-Coming YouTube Star Barack Obama Tops The YouTube Top 20


Thursday, January 22 2015

Against all odds, fledgling YouTuber Barack Obama has claimed the number one spot on the YouTube Top 20 today with his new video “President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Speech.” He’s no Tyler Oakley, but I have a feeling he might be destined for big things even if his video was a little longer than we’re used to. Screen Junkies returned to the countdown with their super popular Honest Trailers series. This time they’re dismantling the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer. Mike Rugnetta and the PBS Ideal Channel do a similarly deft job of dissecting the serial podcast, and closing out the top 20 Grace Helbig runs down her top tips for staying in hotels.

#1 President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union – The White House

#2 Dellwood Market Looting November 24, 2014 – St. Louis Police Department 

#3 Inflatable Flip Cup With Keri Russell – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#4 The Nightly Show – Bill Cosby’s Tone-Def Comedy Jam – Mike Yard – Comedy Central

#5 Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters – Team Coco

#6 Game of Thrones Season 5: Day in the Life (HBO) – GameOfThrones

#7 Honest Trailers – Pirates Of The CarribeanScreen Junkies

#8 26 Fascinating Founding Fathers Facts – mental_floss – List Show (242) – Mental Floss

#9 Skyrim vs. Fallout – Andrewmfilms

#10 How Objective Is The Law? Serial: Part 1 | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios – PBS Idea Channel

#11 Lie Witness News – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#12 The Elder Scrolls Online – The Confrontation Cinematic Trailer – Bethesda Softworks 

#13 1.18.15 NJ Turnpike I-95 Crash – Black Ice – Trailer flip – MrLegolize

#14 #RealStrength l Dove Men+Care – DovemencareUS

#15 Is All Fair In Love And War – VSauce

#16 XBox On Windows 10 – XBox

#17 Sen. Paul’s State of the Union Response- January 20, 2015 – Senator Rand Paul

#18 New England Patriots Cialis Commercial Parody (For Deflated-Balls) [Benstonium.com] –Benstonium.com

#19 Kevin Durant poster dunk on Marcin Gortat: Oklahoma City Thunder at Washington Wizards – Watchnbc201145

#20 HOW I HANDLE HOTEL ROOMS //Grace Helbig – Grace Helbig

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