Violin Stomp: Lindsey Stirling’s 7 Best Videos

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We try and cover everything Lindsey Stirling does because she’s awesome, but somehow it still doesn’t feel like enough. Frankly, we should just change the name of the magazine to Lindsey Stirling Rockstars. But since we’re already married to this New Media thing, the least we can do is a list where we analyze Lindsey’s best videos — especially with the fresh release of her new song “Senbonzakura.” See if you agree with our take on Lindsey’s best seven:

7. Mission: Impossible w/ the Piano Guys

6. “Radioactive” with Pentatonix

5. Game of Thrones w/ Peter Hollens

4. “Crystallize”

3. “Shatter Me” featuring Lzzy Hale

2. “Senbonzakura”

1. “All of Me” with John Legend

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