Viral Roofjump Spiderman’s Son Passes Away

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It’s always frustrating when kids get serious illnesses — it’s even more upsetting when they don’t recover.

Five-year-old Jayden Wilson passed away recently from a terminal brain tumor. He shot to online stardom as the focus of a video wish that his dad granted for his last birthday: he wanted to meet Spiderman. So his dad, professional free jumper and YouTuber Mike “3Run” Wilson had a special suit made and jumped off the roof and into his son’s wildest dreams. It’s heartbreaking that such a great dad gets robbed of his ability to shine.

Jayden died on Chrsitmas morning, but news of the passing is just emerging. He was given a year to live recently after the tumor in his brain was termed aggressive.

Our heart goes out to the Wilson family and we are excited that at the very least we got to share in Jayden’s awesome birthday surprise along with over 9 million other YouTubers.

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