Viral YouTube Molestation Call Results In A Conviction

So, remember this?

Turns out some justice was out there in the world after all. Angela Cardosa, allegedly the perpetrator in a couple of sexual abuse cases just plead guilty to two counts of what we, round these parts, call kiddy-diddling.

The allegations surfaced after a teary-eyed woman recorded herself making a phone call to confront the perpetrator, a former assistant principal and current educator, who admitted to the criminal acts. The events, which went down in Riverside, Calif. are just the latest in a long line of social media being used to capture/convict evildoers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.00.34 AM

Facebook has a bank robber it helped bust, Twitter has a hit & run, and now YouTube can add stopping a child predator to its Wall of Fame.

The administrator, who is what we call “Riverside pretty,” began her acts of molestation on one of the victims when she was just 12. Yeesh.


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