Watch Your 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs Get YouTube … Um … Makeovers

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We should call this First-World-Anarchy Friday because watching opening credits of TV shows that you know and love the theme songs for — get new, alternate versions feels so wrong. And yet, so delightfully right … like buying used underpants out of a Japanese vending machine.

Dotflist, whose YouTube handle is even slightly wrong (why the f**k is that “L” in there?), has been quietly making alternate world versions of TV shows and sitcom themes. Is this a good thing? Or is it just too weird? You wouldn’t initially think so, and then you watch The X Files opening credits without that creepy piano tinkling. Or Friends! And it’s all just so goddamn maddening. And why do all the shows have an HBO production screen? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE AT ALL!

Welcome to my hell, naturally ranked because yay(!) lists.

10. Friends

9. Scooby Doo

8. The X Files

7. Full House

6. The Adventures of Pete & Pete

5. The Fresh Prince of BelAir

4. The Simpsons

3. Spiderman

2. Doug

1. Twin Peaks

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