What Major Sports League Just Signed With YouTube?

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The greatest game (next to Monopoly) has finally come to YouTube: all hail the NFL. Known as a longstanding holdout from the video platform, if you wanted to watch non-live highlights, you used to have to go to the NFL’s own website. This deal brings the footage to the lazy.

This here is Bronco country!

This here is Bronco country!

It’s definitely a case of Google-owned YouTube wanting the NFL more than the NFL wanted to be in league with Google. The web search company will pay the sports organization millions of dollars a year just to have a channel — where they will show no live games or live clips. Also, Google will have to split any additional revenue garnered from the association, according to sources.

Already though, the channel is up and running and features one clip that went viral earlier this year without YouTube’s help: Odell Beckham Jr.’s impossible catch, which is nice to see in crisp clean footage, and not because some goofus pointed his smartphone at his TV during replays.

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As the unofficial ambassador to YouTube, NMR wants to let you know the bathrooms are on the left. And if you want to take a nap, you can just turn the security cameras around. We look forward to exploiting your content for many years to come. Also, if you could knock that “Embedding disabled by request” crap off, yeah, that’d be great.

And, fair warning: there are some guys called The Whistle, they’ll probably be showing up with a basket of fruit soon.


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