What Obama SHOULD Have Done – State of the Union – #NEWS

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New Media Rockstars has an official response to the State of the Union address — in song form! If you didn’t tune in to President Obama’s big speech to Congress last night, Chad Neidt of #News is here with a catchy song about all the stuff that was in the speech. Actually, it’s a song about all the stuff he WISHES was in the speech instead of what we got (aside from that sick “I know because I won both of them” burn, that part can stay). Things like how student loans should be voluntary if you can’t find a job, and how we should be able to use Twitter to vote, and how we should get rid of stupid cable television packages and just have one channel playing nothing but “Game of Thrones,” and how old people should be forced to read Urban Dictionary. Enjoy the song and then take a moment to reflect that it’s actually probably for the best that Chad isn’t president. (Love you Chad!)


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Chad Neidt

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