Who are the Top 5 YouTubers Of All Time? #News Has The Answer


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but NMR recently issued our definitive ranking of the Top 100 YouTube Channels of all time. (Have you not heard? Seriously? Where have you been? A coma? ) Our editorial team went beyond simple subscriber and view counts and ranked the top 100 based on their content, their history, and their impact on the medium. Top 100 channels aren’t just popular, they’re consistent leaders, changing the way we think about and watch YouTube and shaping the way we see the platform. I know it all sounds pretty complicated, but fortunately for you #News and the lovely Anais Fairweather are here to break it down for you.

Anais cuts right to the chase and walks you through the most important channels on our list, the incredible Top 5. We even had a chance to present a prize to our epic first place winners. To find out who we named the greatest channel of all time just take a look:



Now that you’ve been educated on the Top 5, take a look back at the other 95 members of our Top 100 to find out where your favorites landed.


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