Who is the BEST YouTuber of ALL TIME? – #NEWS

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New Media Rockstars has chosen the Top 100 YouTube channels of all time, and you’ll never guess who wins the #1 spot! Or maybe you will, because they’re badass! Anais Fairweather hosts #News to reveal the five YouTube channels from the NMR Top 100, including (SPOILERS! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) Tyler Oakley, Rooster Teeth, Epic Meal Time, Jenna Marbles, and our selection for the best YouTube channel ever, Epic Rap Battles of History. Watch Anais give them all some much-deserved love, and then check out the rest of the NMR Top 100 and see if your favorites made the cut! — http://newmediarockstars.com/2015/01/the-nmr-top-100-youtube-channels-number-1/


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