Who ‘Won’ The Haul-idays — 8 YouTube Haul Videos To Make You Envious


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Now that the holiday season is officially over, we can let out a big breath and relax. No more parties, no more junk food, no more buying presents, no more visiting with family. The 2014 holiday season was a long one — but an amazing one with lots of good haul videos being posted.

If you’re like us, you celebrate several Christmases or general holiday events: the office party, the SO’s parents, your parents, your friends, etc. It actually spans several weeks with Christmas being the major day, but also expanding out to getting gifts from friends you are slowly phasing out of their life. (How many years in a row will they continue to get you gifts in spite of you always saying, “Ohhh, but I didn’t get you anything!” Some people just can’t take a hint.) But now that it’s all over, we can finally take a look back at all the haul videos from the holidays (haul-idays) and see not only who got the best stuff, but who got the most eyes on their videos. Prepare to be envious.

8. xxblueeyedbeautyx

Best Gift: Air Jordan 11’s
# of views: 57,838

7. StealTheSpotlight

Best Gift: Sports Backpack
# of views: 53,916

6. FUNnel Vision

Best Gift: Batman Costume w/ Cape
# of views: 225,012

5. BritneyLeeSaunders

Best Gift: Ring Light
# of views: 65,905

4. Shelby Church

Best Gift: Michael Kors Tote
# of views: 182,550

3. JurassicCollectibles

Best Gift: Zoomer Remote Control Dinosaur
# of views: 1,043

2. MayBaby

Best Gift: Rainbow Uggs
# of views: 1,022,701

1. Grav3yardGirl

Best Gift: A creepy automaton doll
# of views: 546,902

So there you go. Sometimes the best gift didn’t get the biggest views. But the Haul-idays aren’t about money spent — it’s about the thought.

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