Will Boys Slap A Girl In Latest YouTube Social Experiment?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.29.20 AM

Philip Zimbardo must be rolling in his figurative grave …

This YouTube social experiment took young guys and asked them to interact with a pretty young woman for a bit. Of course they were willing, with one guy even saying he’d want her to be his girlfriend.

They are asked to comment on her beauty and even caress her a bit. Then comes the real test: slap her. Slap her hard in the face. Considering this is a macho Italian culture, you’d think that girl would be lying on the ground trying to unburn the casserole. Nope.

Perhaps we’re taking a step forward as a people? With 7 million people having viewed it, it’s clear we’re in the Age of YouTube Social Experiments. I wonder how long until we find out this video was faked like so many other “social experiments”?


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