Witness the Grandeur of Vessel For Free! YouTube Rival Now Open In Beta

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I feel like I’m standing in line trying to get into some snooty, exclusive club. It’s not just any club however, it’s the suddenly hottest name in tech — the much discussed Vessel. And guess what? It just opened for business.

Launching their beta, “anyone” can get in allegedly for a look around — without having to pay the $3 a month subscription fee that will eventually kick in. The “snooty club thing” applies because right now you put your email address in and then wait for them to invite you when a “spot opens up.”

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Vessel, which is allegedly the company that is an inside favorite to topple YouTube (some tech writers have even made the hyperbolic leap into calling it “the YouTube killer”), was started by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. His method for success involves charging the blue collar types $3 a month for Vessel access so that he can pay creators $50 per every thousand views, a staggering number when contrasted with free YouTube’s current $2 per thousand.

Of course, the content opens up after three days to be available and free on YouTube, so Vessel’s window for profit is a narrow one.

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We’ll reserve full judgment until they let us into their precious club, but right now, standing on the outside in the virtual snow and cold, I can’t help but think that paying $3 a month for most people, so that YouTube/Vessel creators can land especially huge windfalls of cash, seems like a bad investment on my part.

Sometimes the big company has to think about the little guy. We’ll see how this goes.


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