Women Creative Wednesday: BFF Edition

Sometimes you can just tell that you’d be super best friends with someone if you met in person and got to know each other. This week’s Women Creative Wednesday is all about awesome ladies we’d love to hang out with, in a friendly, not-stalker-y sort of way.

Evan DeSimone

What is the quality that defines a best friend? Is it the person you’ve known the longest? Is it the person who makes you laugh? Is it the person who’s always there for you? I like to believe that a best friend is all of these things. That’s why, when it comes to picking my YouTube fantasy-bestie there can only be one choice. Natalie “Community Channel” Tran is the person on YouTube that I’ve “known” the longest. She’s the first YouTuber I ever really watched and she’s one of the reasons that I’m here writing about YouTube today (don’t send her hate mail, it’s not her fault). She’s consistently hilarious and I can always count on her new videos to give me a laugh even if I’m feeling down. Most importantly Nat is the kind of person who can always be there for you. Literally. She has more clones than Wheezy Waiter and I’m a blackhole of emotional neediness. Only someone like Natalie could give me the constant attention and validation that I need to function while still getting some work done. Basically this is a perfect friend match in every way that counts… I guess I have to move to Australia now.

Christine Linnell

I haven’t met her in person, but I’m guessing Emily Graslie from The Brain Scoop is totally bestie material. She seems like the sort of person who’d love to meet for coffee and geek out for hours about science-related stuff — and considering she spends much of her time dissecting and examining animal specimens at her job with the Field Museum, she’d have the craziest work stories. Unless we’re eating, Emily, don’t be gross. (This scenario assumes that I’ve moved to Chicago, but hey.)

Sara Parra

Where there food, there is alcohol, and where there is the combination of these two things there is Hannah Hart.

Hannah already feels like she’s your best friend with just her account alone, and from what I can tell, she’s probably one of the best one-on-one hangouts on all of YouTube. I would love to spend a day cooking, eating, drinking, and possibly getting high with her. Seriously, who can even turn that down?

Rachel Kiley

I figure it would be cheating to put any of my actual good friends who are YouTubers for today’s theme, and I know if I listed Taylor Swift — who totally has a YouTube channel, so it counts(!!) — I would be told to redo it because she like, isn’t technically a “YouTuber” or whatever, so I’m going to have to go with um, someone who is absolutely most definitely a real YouTuber because she put up one whole video of her singing but it was obviously shot and put up by her all on her own so it’s super legit — Asami Zdrenka. Look at this video! Totally a YouTuber! And if that isn’t enough proof for you, this other video is basically all about how she wants to be a YouTuber. Anyway, she’s got a cool punk style but loves pop music too, which is a juxtaposition I always appreciate in a person. And she has a great story about meeting Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and, after being told not to tell him she had a poster of them in her room, did exactly that. I mean, clearly we have all the same interests and appropriate reactions to meeting people we admire. What more can you ask for in friendship? And she watched The 100!!! I mean…?!?? Besties. But in addition to similar interests, and just how down to earth and silly fun she seems, I appreciate that she takes the time the tweet about issues that matter to her, and to fans struggling with things who bring them up to her. Anyway, she’s a UKer so I’ll probably never meet her, but in a dream BFF scenario of, um, YouTubers, Asami’s it. (Hey Asami, make more YouTube videos!)


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