Women Creative Wednesday: LGBT Edition

We love to celebrate and promote diversity here at NMR, so this week’s Women Creative Wednesday is all about our favorite LGBT creators on YouTube.

Sara Parra

There are few creators was wonderfully brilliant as the talented Ashley Mardell, and for good reason. On top of making imaginative videos, Mardell occasionally dips into LGBT discussion and education. One of my favorite videos covers just how complicated it is to define sexual identity and how sexual orientation doesn’t necessarily reflect romantic orientation, which in and of itself was a mindblowing concept for me.

Recently, Mardell took her channel through a huge overhaul which illustrates her amazing ability to adapt not just to her own growth as an artist and filmmaker, but also to adapt to the growth of her audience as well.

Carrington Walsh

Let me begin by saying when I heard what the topic is, I had three fabulous drag queens in mind and it was so hard to choose just one. After much deliberation, I decided to talk about Willam Belli, rather than Alyssa Edwards and Adore Delano (who both have stellar YouTube channels and are worth the watch). Willam Belli is one of my favorite drag queens and has a fabulous channel. Her videos are wonderful for two reasons. The first being that she reviews viral videos and has no limits as to what she will say, and the second being the great music videos. Willam was previously in a music group called DWV, but she didn’t stop making music after they broke up. She recently came out with the Spanish version of DWV’s hit song “Boy Is A Bottom,” which is absolutely hysterical. Basically, William Belli is crazy wonderful and her YouTube videos are KILLER.

Jeff Klima

For this Women Creative Wednesday we’re covering the general topic of LGBT, I thought I’d dial it to a microcosm by choosing Jamie Clayton, a trans woman. Born with traditionally male parts, Jamie identifies as a woman, and does so marvellously by playing a cisgender lesbian on the YouTube web series Scissr. I had an opportunity to interview Jamie once, but she got super fussy about the questions and ultimately declined the interview, which made me dislike her as a person, but I completely respect and admire what she is doing as an artist. And at the end of the day, WCW is about singling out people we admire. Hopefully one day we get to do that interview (it was as much my fault as hers — I don’t like people telling me I can’t ask certain core questions, so I frequently decide to be unpleasantly mean in my “new” questions). But I think Scissr is an interesting show and Jamie is an interesting performer who is forging a career through some insanely difficult jungles. Also, she once played a crime scene cleaner in a series and I was a crime scene cleaner in real life, so that’s awesome.

Christine Linnell

Including the inimitable Hannah Hart on this list, so we all don’t get fired.


Who are some of your LGBT favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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