Women Creative Wednesday: Scripted Series Edition

Here at NMR we’re lucky to work with a lot of trailblazing women in digital media, so for this week’s WCW we’re focusing on scripted web series creators who are well on their way to making big names for themselves.

Jeff Klima

This topic for WCW comes at a serendipitous time because NMR’s buddy, Rory Uphold, is actively looking for financing for Season 2 of her YouTube series “Only in HelLA,” which because I’m from NorCal, I always read as “Hella.” Rory’s series tackles a subject I am quite fond of: Los Angeles. From “gluten-free homeless” to traffic nightmares, Rory skewers the shitty-but-loveable city we both call home (although I am doing it from 2000 miles away currently) through a fish-out-of-water device that slips on like a shirt. Rory is smart, funny, profane and extremely adept at making a visual commentary; so for any of you fat cat business types (who don’t mind being called fat cat business types) who are looking for a new and interesting show, allow me to steer you in her direction. Yeah, as far as WCW goes, I am excited to mention her here. Now watch her show!

Sara Parra

Jenni Powell is one of those creators you’ve likely heard very little about, but has had a hand in shaping some of the most beloved series on the web today. Powell first made her mark in the entertainment world as a reality producer before she happened upon the web series “Lonelygirl15.” It was love at first click.

After a short time, Powell worked her way up from being just a fan of the series, to actually working on it and inevitably building into a career she loves. Powell has had a hand in working and producing on multiple series and channels since then, including but not limited to “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, “Geek and Sundry”, “Video Game Reunion” and “With The Angels.” She also lent her skills and talents to Defranco Creative, and for two years was the Head of Content / Speaker Coordinator for VidCon.

Right now, Powell is working with powerhouse series “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy” and is also the head of production here at New Media Rockstars. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her here, considering she is a true rockstar herself.

Christine Linnell

Of all the bookish web series that have sprung up in the last couple of years, Yulin Kuang’s work strikes me as having the most potential. I first noticed her during the “Lizzie Bennet” heyday, when literary adaptations were the hottest new trend on YouTube. Yulin got her foot in the door with Shipwrecked Comedy’s “A Tell Tale Vlog,” which put Edgar Allen Poe in front of the camera — but rather than locking herself into direct, vlog-style adaptations, she’s taken a more versatile approach that incorporates lighthearted parody, literary discussions, fandom engagement, short films, original stories and behind-the-scenes content. All of that plus her consistently good understanding of source material and internet culture puts her in a good position for the next phase of this particular genre.

Evan Desimone

Kathleen Grace is currently the chief creative officer at New Form Digital, where she’s already overseen a slew of impressive projects including 14 short form pilots created by some of the biggest names on YouTube. Of course she’s uniquely qualified for the job, since she’s spent years as a major behind-the-scenes player in the world of online video. Prior to joining New Form, Kathleen was one of the leading architects of YouTube’s plan to establish creator spaces around the globe. She later acted as creative director for the company’s flagship YouTube Space in Los Angeles. Kathleen has dedicated her career to guiding and supporting burgeoning creators in the digital space and shepherding their projects to completion. She continues that work at New Form where two of the pilots she helped develop with YouTubers Sawyer Hartman and PJ Ligouri were recently picked up by Vimeo.


Spread the word about these awesome ladies, and add to the list in the comments below!