Women Creative Wednesday: Talking Politics!

In honor of the State of the Union address, which we all totally watched and took very seriously, we’re using Women Creative Wednesday to feature women who have given us high-quality, often hilarious political videos over the last few election cycles.

Sara Para

While working at SourceFed, Meg Turney attended the Republican National Convention with Philip DeFranco and Elliott Morgan. She did an amazing job bringing her viewpoints to the table particularly in her discussion on healthcare and gun control, showing a duality of both liberal and conservative viewpoints that rounded out the out the group. She was one of the biggest female voices in the 2012 election, who helped to inform thousands during one of the closest elections in history, and she was awesome.

Carrington Walsh

This video was quite the throwback for me. I remember watching this video (and cracking up over it) so many times during the election in 2008. In hindsight, the dance moves aren’t that hot, and the commentary really isn’t sophisticated. However, Leah “Obama Girl” Kauffman’s take on the presidential election was funny and different from the other parodies out there. If you feel like being magically transported back to 2007, please watch.

Jeff Klima

Was there any doubt I would choose Taryn Southern’s “Hot For Hillary” video for our WCW political vids article? Maybe I didn’t choose it for the reasons you’re thinking perhaps though. I too am hot for Hillary. I think she’s built up her political resume considerably and would be an apt candidate for presidency. Of course, Taryn got there first and looks better in a bikini than I do, but our thought process on it is the same. If you’ve never watched this video (I’m betting you have though), check it out.

Evan DeSimone

However you might feel about her Sarah Palin has an impressive list of accomplishments. She’s been the Governor of Alaska, a vice presidential candidate, and she continues to top my personal list of the best reality TV villains America has ever produced. With her frequent gaffes, distinctive accent, and near total unfamiliarity with current events, history, and law she was also a goldmine of material for comedians. While Tina Fey was perhaps television’s most recognizable Palin impersonator, it was LisaNova who brought Palin’s antics to life for the YouTube generation. Lisa is a true first generation YouTuber and her give for impressions would inspire a whole generation of YouTube creators. Her popular series of Palin spoofs informed the way many YouTube viewers and creators saw the former governor and her policies impacting not only the election but her future career.

Christine Linnell

I really wish I’d known about Sara Benincasa back when the whole Sarah Palin thing was happening back in 2008. I mean, as Evan pointed out above, Tina Fey was doing important work in this very specific genre at the time; but Sara does a pretty great job with this short vlog series.


What are your favorite political videos? Tell us in the comments!