World’s Grossest Person? Shoenice’s 9 Most Disgusting YouTube Videos

Imagine this in your dreams tonight.

Imagine this in your dreams tonight.

You know what doesn’t get enough love on YouTube? The carnival sideshow folk — the weirdos and the freaks. Shoenice (pronounced “Shoe Nice”) is just such a specimen. Yesterday, he popped up on The Soup eating three tampons. And yet, that’s not even the craziest/ most disgusting thing that’s ever gone down his throat.

But we respect what he does, and until footage of him knocking over a 7/11 emerges, we think he’s one of the nicest YouTubers out there. So we decided to pay tribute to the man with no boundaries by showing you eight of his other craziest, most disgusting YouTube vids. Try not to gasp or barf if you are in an office setting. On the other hand, if someone else gasps or barfs in your office, they’re probably watching this as well. You might just have made a new friend. Thank Shoenice.

8. Chugs Entire Bottle of 190 Proof EverClear

7. Shaves Eyebrows Then Eats Them

6. Eating An Entire Jar of Vaseline

5. Shoenice Eats Caulk

4. Shoenice Eats A Pound of Raw Bacon

3. Eating. Lit. Cigarettes.

2. Man Ages 50 Years In 5 Seconds, Then, Yup, Eats Face

1. Chubby Bunny with Earthworms

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