YouTube Fitness Star Hit By Train, Killed, While Filming Illegally

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Let this be a grim warning to YouTubers and filmmakers who don’t secure proper permits to film in dangerous locations:

Greg Plitt, a motivational guru and fitness star both on YouTube and old media, died after being struck by a passenger train on Saturday in Burbank, Calif. Plitt was filming on the tracks when the train came through an unsecured location; the fitness star was pronounced dead at the scene. He had allegedly been trying to film a superhero scene in which he was “more powerful than a locomotive” and tripped onto the tracks while trying to get too close a shot.

With over 146,000 subscribers to his eponymous YouTube channel, the 37-year-old Plitt’s death caused an outward display of grief, with fans already uploading tribute videos to YouTube. Of course, that didn’t stop at least one of them from employing Adsense on the video either. Stay tuned for Pizza Hut commercials separating you from the emotional stuff, folks.

In addition to YouTube and his personal fitness videos, Plitt was also an actor, appearing alongside Robert De Niro in “The Good Shepherd” and Christian Bale in one of the forgettable “Terminator” movies. He also was employed as the body of Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen.

He will be missed in the YouTube and Hollywood community.

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