YouTube Imitating YouTube? The 17 Best YouTuber Impersonations By YouTubers

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Why 17 videos? Why not? If we’re going to be listing YouTuber impersonations, we want to make it worth your while. There was a mini-trend that went on back in the Dark Ages of NMR (no talking about that month!) of YouTubers doing impressions of other YouTubers. It was funny then, and somehow with it still kicking around, it has gotten even funnier. Most of these impressions are terrible, but some are amazing and accurate. The highlights include EVERYBODY doing Miranda Sings and Miranda herself attempting some impersonations of her own. You’ll be pleased to know she can’t say “Joey Graceffa” right either.

So check out these impressions and be prepared to be amazed and confused.


17. PewDiePie & Marzia

16. JacksFilms

15. Tyler Oakley & Alfie Deyes

14. Kian Lawley & Ricky Dillon

13. Shane Dawson & Trisha Paytas

12. ThatsSoJack

11. Superwoman

10. Joey Graceffa & Connor Franta

9. Marcus Butler

8. JennXPenn & Andrea Russett

7. Sawyer Hartman & Cyr

6. BeautyLiciousInsider

5. Brizzy Voices

4. Meaghan Dowling

3. Miranda Sings

2. Grace Helbig & Shane Dawson

1. ThatcherJoe

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