YouTube Musician Zoë Keating Allegedly Taped Her Conversations With Google To Point Out Their Lies

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At this point, I would expect a major out-of-court settlement to go down so that Google never need hear the name Zoë Keating again. Keating, a musician who works independently and publishes her music to YouTube, took umbrage with how the company was handling her (and other musicians’) financials on the site. You can read our coverage of the issue here.

But Keating had an ace up her sleeve when the giant corporation decided to call her a liar. She allegedly taped her interactions with them and released a transcript of the conversation that seems to demonstrate that maybe her claims weren’t “patently false,” as several journalists have contacted her to report what Google is saying.

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The transcript is long, but you can read it here on Keating’s Tumblr.

Damn Google, if all this is true, hopefully you can afford a pretty good lawyer. Keating seems to have you by the short and curlies. Your move, I guess.


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