10 ADHD Videos That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

The Fox sponsored animation channel ADHD is amazing, terrifying, warps every childhood thing we’ve ever enjoyed into nightmares, and we love it. Initially, I was surprised that a company known for its conservative viewpoints would invest in ADHD, but I’m certainly glad they did!

From hosting fantastic animated series such as “Axe Cop” to creating mindbending shorts, ADHD is pretty much the place for people who enjoy “Rick and Morty” style twisted animation.

Take for example, their new take on the 90’s classic, “Family Matters,” which to ADHD makes more sense as a violent anime. Gore warning, for some of you squeamish folks:

Oh, and do you want to talk about the 90’s? Because here’s a nostalgia trip that will leave you desperate for your childhood years:

Okay, maybe that was a little much. How about we re-imagine some horror with “Alien 5”:

Or how about a little “Sympathy for Slenderman”:

We’ve gone too far. Perhaps some puppies? How about a “Pug Lord”?

And there’s a sequel!

Hey, remember that weird Skittles commercial with the beard? There’s this too:

For those of us dreading the return of our least favorite love holiday, take solace in the knowledge that at least you are not the “single bacon” in this mildly NSFW sketch.

Now, ADHD isn’t all weird and twisted. Some of its short films are really touching, like the one about Studio Ghibli, and this one about depression. The thing is, by the time I got to this sweet little animation, I was so warped from what I had just seen I was waiting for the gross twist that never showed.

All in all though, ADHD is the G.O.A.T.

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