11 Videos Filled to the Brim with Insanity Because Russia


Mother Russia: a mystery to many and a frigid land of vodka-consuming citizens for whom a red light is merely a suggestion. Most Russian cars come equipped with dash cams that have captured some amazing moments, but that’s not the only thing recording some of the craziest Siberian antics.

Here we have a helmet cam documenting the exploits of a Russian woman on a motorcycle who gets back at litterbugs in her own unique way:

Speaking of Russian social justice: the “Stop A Douchebag” movement “that attempts to enforce the road traffic regulations in Russia.” You can imagine how well that goes over. Sometimes they get hit by cars, beaten, and threatened with guns for their actions, and yet they go out and still risk their lives, regardless:

Of course, not all Russian videos are about justice, like this one which contains a chef, a machete, and the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat:

While this video wasn’t shot in Russia, it features some very young, adventurous Russians climbing the Shanghai Tower.