11 Videos Filled to the Brim with Insanity Because Russia

Then there’s this recent video of a Russian man testing a bullet proof helmet, without wearing body armor. Warning: It’s loud and terrifying.

Russia Today published this video of several Russians leaping from a 5-story building into a snow bank like it’s no big deal.

And now we get to the dash cams! Now not all dash cam videos are equal. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Russian dashcams we never would have seen the brilliance of the meteor back in 2013:

In this video, we watch as a truck driver narrowly escapes a devastating wreck with his life.

This next video captures an interesting tire replacement solution that would definitely fail in less snowy countries.

Then there’s Spongebob and an assortment of cartoon characters piling out of their van, clown-style, and road-rage beating up some unfortunate soul who has to live with the video of it on the internet. Forever.

I don’t even know what’s going on in this one, to be honest. The dual cam is great to watch the driver’s reaction though:

Bonus Honorary Russian:

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