11 YouTube Personalities Who Could Host “The Daily Show” (And Their Correspondents)!

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With Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show, a gaping hole has been left in late night, political TV that may prove to be incredibly difficult to fill.

Over the years several YouTube personalities have proven themselves to be incredibly viable in the political biosphere, particularly when it comes to informing, educating, and engaging a young audience of voters like no one else has.

Here are some of our picks for those we think could do a fantastic job filling in the role, and maybe even take The Daily Show to a whole new level.

Grace Helbig

Helbig has already landed herself a late night spot, replacing the vacancy left by Chelsea Handler. Her quick wit and humor would go well hand in hand with some of The Daily Show‘s top writers, and if teamed up with the literary genius that is Mamrie Hart, she’d be able to capture the hearts and minds of all ages.

Senior Drunk Correspondent: Mamrie Hart

John Randolf

Randolf also known as Jay Smooth jumped into the world of vlogging after founding New York City’s longest-running hip hop radio program, WBAI’s Underground Railroad. His sarcasm and biting humor fit well with the show, and in combination with Kevin Peterson (The1Janitor) they could provide entertaining and engaging commentary.

Senior Making-Sh*t-Real Correspondent: Kevin Peterson (The1Janitor)

Laci Green

While her roots may not be in comedy like the others on this list, Green’s insatiable need to teach the world about how things actually work falls right in line with Stewart’s. On top of this, she could provide a much needed female voice on women’s issues that is presently missing from the current political atmosphere.

Senior Gossip Correspondent: Michael Buckley

Elliott Morgan

Morgan already proved his political chops with his coverage of the 2012 elections with SourceFed, even interviewing and discussing one of the Presidential debates with then Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. His voice proved to be one of the strongest during the elections online coverage, with Morgan utilizing his bipartisan views and dead pan humor to interact with a younger audience.

Senior German Correspondent: Flula Borg

Tay Zonday

Not just a pretty voice on the internet, Tay Zonday has provided much needed brevity on serious issues. He’s also guest written several well-written and important pieces here on NMR that shows his vast intelligence and humor that could easily do well on a late night political show.

Senior Nerd Correspondent: Neil McNeil

Hank Green

Having just finished up a fantastic interview with President Obama, Hank Green seems like the first person you’d think of to take over for Jon Stewart. His dry humor and amazing ability to throw shade would work with the show writers and with Hank comes both a fresh, younger audience while still being able to connect with older generations.

Senior Tea Correspondent: Charlie McDonnell

The Fine Bros.

Speaking of connecting with audiences of all ages, the Fine Bros. have masterfully spoken to several generations across the spectrum about serious issues and pop culture phenomenons. Best part? They don’t need correspondents, they can just switch off with one another.

Cenk Uygur

You can’t talk YouTube and politics without talking about The Young Turks, who have flourished in what is otherwise an overlooked YouTube genre. Self-purported as the “number one news show on YouTube” they’re the closest thing to a Daily Show style show in new media.

Senior Correspondent: Ana Kasparian

Michael Stevens

Otherwise known as VSauce, Stevens insatiable curiosity and need to educate could actually elevate The Daily Show to a whole new level, beyond its already impact-filled state. If combined with a like mind, say Mike Rugnetta from PBS Idea Channel as correspondent, there’s no telling where the show could go.

Senior Mind Blowing Correspondent: Mike Rugnetta

Tyler Oakley

Having already made himself an activist in his own right, Oakley has done an amazing job reaching out to hundreds of thousands of fans and speaking to them on a level about both politics and social issues in a way that no other YouTuber can.

Senior Indian Correspondent: Lilly Singh

Craig Benzine (Wheezy Waiter)

Wheezy Waiters low-mumbling, dry, dead pan kind of humor would be so god damn amazing in combination with The Daily Show‘s writers would be a mind blowing mix of sarcasm that you’d have to turn up the volume to hear followed by the deafening roar of an audience who can appreciate a great burn.

Senior Musical Correspondent: The Gregory Brothers

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