5 Second Films Are Punished By Their Rich Kickstarter Fans

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According to the crew of 5 Second Films, the Dude Bro Party Massacre III feature film is just about complete. That’s great news for those of us who have been covering their madcappery since they announced the damn film way back when. Unfortunately for us and for them, however, they are now having to make good on all the incentives they promised during their Kickstarter campaign. This includes their $200 incentive, which let fans submit a five second film idea to be filmed by the crew.

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It sounded like a fun and innocent idea at the time — unfortunately, the reality is something hellish and terrible. Even the 5 Second Films folks admit some of them are just so, so awful.

Maybe if we each pay $200, they will take these videos offline? Hopefully these following videos (in descending order from least terrible to worst) aren’t the legacy by which we are forced to remember 5 Second Films:

11. The Devil’s Delorean

10. Mind Palace

9. Time For The Main Event

8. Joey Finds the Internet

7. With Regret

6. The Best 5sf Ever Written

5. Hugh Can’t Get Enough

4. Yeti Cop

3. Holden Girls

2. Something About Steaks

1. The Worst 5sf Ever

The worst part? There are apparently a ton more of these to come. 48 backers took them up on this deal and then everyone from the higher tier got it as well. So who knows how many of these awful things are forthcoming?

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