7 Classic Covers of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Taylor Swift has released her new music video for her latest hit, “Style.” Did you really think we’d let this pass by without commemoration? C’mon now! Check out the original haunting video above and then continue on to watch some A+ covers of the song. Because covers … never go out of style. (Just go with it and move on.)

1. This Blank Space/Style mash-up is fantastic.

2. Taking it back to Taylor’s country roots.

3. From the male perspective …

4. Someone was bound to cover “Style” wearing different … styles.

5. What would this list be without a punk cover?

6. And you gotta have an a cappella one too, of course.

7. What this one lacks in vocals (literally) it makes up in guitar skills.

Which YouTuber would you like to see release a cover of “Style?” Let us know and share!

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