7 YouTube Videos Of People Caught Having Sex In Public (Mostly SFW)

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Pictures and photos of a couple caught having sex in a New Zealand insurance office have been going viral all over YouTube today. They were caught by a people partying in a bar across the street and a crowd gathered to cheer them on. The house band even played “Sex on Fire” to accommodate the dirty visuals. And now that they’re internet famous, the details are slowly starting to emerge. Turns out, the as-of-yet publicly unidentified couple declined to show up for work at the office today — because he’s a married man and she’s recently engaged! Scandal! Don’t worry squares, all the hanky panky has been edited out because it’s YouTube.


Before we begin, I must warn you that this isn’t glamorous sex in public. It’s real people. But in case you’re looking for naked models in public…

Here’s a video of naked super models in grand central station (you’re welcome):

And now, without further ado, here are seven of the best videos of random real people getting caught having public sex. Ooooh, we love sexy Tuesdays!

7. In The Back Of A Mini Cooper

Nothing like being harassed by a motorcyclist while trying to get your bajiggity on …

6. On A Park Bench

If you’re gonna do it in public, do it in THE MOST PUBLIC, I say.

5. In A Tattoo Shop

Hopefully they sanitized this place after…

4. Police Officer On Hood Of His Cop Car

Damn, I knew I should have been a cop.

3. Homeless Couple In Front of Homeless Shelter

God, I love the narration by the cameraman on this.

2. In A McDonald’s Bathroom (Eww)

The manager here is probably the best thing ever.

1. On A Moving Motorcycle

Nope, I’m wrong. This wins!


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