8-Bit Everything! The 8 Best Videos Involving Early Nintendo Technology

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8-bit technologies — data integers that are extremely limited in their ability to hold/process information — are enjoying a renaissance. While it’s still about finding the absolute pinnacle between realism in gaming and computer graphics, a sort of backlash has occurred on YouTube. Several channels now rely heavily on the use of 8-bit graphics to produce popular content because it’s kitsch and retro cool.

Instead of just talking about them though, we figured we’d show you the eight best 8-bit videos we could find (without relying too heavily on any one channel).

8. Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”

Too bad there wasn’t an animated Lou Diamond Phillips bad guy.

7. “8-bit Anthem” by the GAG Quartet

I need to make enough money to one day have “Jeff Klima: the Video Game.” In 8-bit, natch.

6. “8-Bit Trip” by Rymdreglage

Legos are 8-bit now, we just decreed it!

5. Anamanaguchi’s “Meow”

(The song is almost entirely made with 8-bit tech, so you know, it counts)

4. Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” 8-bit Remix

This song was made for an 8-bit Remix.

3. 8-bit Night At the Roxbury

If you are going to hail back to a simpler time, go full bore. They should play this at Chris Kattan’s funeral.

2. 8-bit Frozen by Cinefix

“Let it go, let it go …”

1. What Is Evil? 8-bit Philosophy by Wisecrack

No lie, everything they do is awesome.

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