8 Things We Loved About Playlist Live (and One Thing We Hate!)

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So Playlist Live 2015 just happened … well, technically it didn’t just happen, it EXPLODED on the city of Orlando, FLA like a damn FUN BOMB loaded with YouTubers, performances, panels and the most important P of all: Parties! After an incredible weekend full of much goings-on, we decided it would be too big a list to recount everything that made Playlist Live 2015 the best Playlist Live yet. So instead, we just counted down our 8 favorite moments (and one thing we hated). Check ‘em out below and see if you agree.

8. The Size

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Playlist Live is smaller than VidCon, so you didn’t have to worry about the human stampede. Well, we guess that depends on what events and sessions you attended.

7. The Panels

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There were a long list of panels that attendees could choose from this year, including social topics like People Unite, a panel on people of color being on YouTube (more diversity!) and raising social awareness through the medium. It was like a less tedious version of the Super Bowl commercials.

6. AwesomenessTV’s Pool Party Hosted by Hunter March

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Music, water, Hunter March and AwesomenessTV. Do you need anything else?

5. The Parents Lounge

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Poor parents … too much fun was had.

4. Jenna Marbles is Now Part of The Shaytards!

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3. The Official (and Unofficial) Meetups

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Were there more meetups this year? It seems like the Playlist People expanded the number of meetups for everyone’s favorite performers. Of course, the easiest way to see your faves is to just hang out on the convention floor!

2. The Performances

Who can pick one favorite? From Ricky Dillon to the Vine Stage to the Starmaker winner Kayla Korpics singing onstage with Lia Marie Johnson, Tessa Violet and Alex G. Dreams do come true apparently. Gosh and Mike Falzone, Dan & Phil, Destorm … Toby Turner (though this one went too short) … yeah, you pick for us.

1. #UniversalMoments

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They closed down Universal Studios Orlando so the YouTubers could have a wild night there. The butterbeer flowed like, well, butterbeer!

And one thing we hated:

That we have to wait a whole ‘nother year to do it all again! Sorry, haters — nothing bad to report! See you all at VidCon!


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