8 Videos To Help You Have The Perfect Valentine’s Day (Or Not)


I think we owe it to ourselves to be honest with each other. Valentine’s Day STRESSES ME OUT, and I know I’m not alone on that score. Rather than deal with my emotions internally like some sort of old person, I turn to YouTube to calm me down, help me out, and make me laugh. Fortunately many of our favorite YouTubers know that this is a tough time of year, and rather than let fans experience an epic emotional breakdown that only years of very expensive therapy can cure, they’ve provided all sorts of helpful hints, sketches, and how-tos to make things a little easier. Check out these 8 great V-Day videos from your YouTube faves.

The hardest thing you’ll do on Valentine’s Day (If you’re lucky enough to have a Valentine) is buy him or her a gift. There are millions of potential options out there, from jewelry to lingerie to novelty hats, all of which carry a million mixed messages perfect for confusing your date and complicating your relationship. Rather than take the risk by choosing for yourself, why not put your faith in the hands of a higher power. I’m referring, of course, to Superwoman. If you can’t trust Lilly Singh who can you trust…or blame if things go wrong.



If you don’t trust Lilly’s gift giving advice (what is wrong with you???) you can always count on Rhett and Link for some suitably low-budget solutions. This week’s episode of Good Mythical Morning is all about unlocking the hidden Valentine’s essence in some everyday items.



Of course everyone knows that the way to the heart isn’t through gifts, it’s through the stomach. If you want someone to love you, then you have to cook for them…or hypnotize them I guess…but cooking is probably easier. It also helps to get them drunk. When I think drunk, I think Grace Helbig, so this alcohol-laden dessert tutorial is probably going to help! (Or not, I don’t know your life.)



Of course if you’re drunk and hungry but also forever alone you can always turn to another member of YouTube’s Holy Trinity, Hannah Hart. Hannah is cooking up a possibly delicious snack for the sad singles among us.



Once you’ve got your gift sorted out and you’ve prepared a delicious romantic dessert, you’ll actually need to go on a date. Now, I personally have not been on a date or known love of any kind because I’m a writer, so for this I’ll turn things over to Timothy DeLaGhetto, who should be able to walk you through the basics.



Of course none of this is very helpful if you’re not planning to observe Valentine’s Day at all. For you, I would recommend you start your day by getting down with this snappy Jack Douglass tune. After all, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday devoted to love and affection, but it’s also a nonsensical corporate cash-in on some mangled folktales and half-understood Catholic legends.



Now that you’re jazzed about the hypocrisy of the holiday, you can follow that up on your Anti-V-Day playlist with something a little harder, like this jazzy anthem from Animation Domination.



Now that you’ve started down the road to being a Valentine’s Day hater, you may as well go all the way. Check out this report from The Young Turks on a group of Japanese men who have declared war on the holiday. It’s like a sadder, lonelier version of the back half of Fight Club.



And now, after just eight easy videos, you’re prepared to enjoy a wonderful romantic Valentine’s Day…or join a crazy anti-romance Japanese terrorist group. Isn’t the internet amazing?


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