All The Drama From #SNL40


Did you manage to catch the SNL 40th Anniversary Special? Was it good? Is it still on? I feel asleep in hour 37 but I’ve heard mixed reviews. The truth is, Saturday Night Light put on a huge show to celebrate 40 years of comedy and it contained some iconic moments and more than a few flops which, when you think about it, is a pretty perfect tribute to the show itself. SNL has produced hundreds of classic sketches and dozens of the best comic actors in the business and it’s been doing it since 1975. For every Steve Martin there’s a Colin Jost, and for every Bill Murray there’s a Victoria Jackson. The magic of SNL is that it’s equal parts iconic and totally forgettable.

If you didn’t catch the show, there’s no need to worry. The #News team is always hard at work making sure you have all the pop culture cliff notes you’ll need to stay afloat. The night was filled with amazing sketches, a handful of duds, and an outrageous guest list of A-list stars. Host Gabe Hohreiter breaks down what went wrong, what went right, and who just plain went.

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