Anything Can Be Sexy Except Jimmy Fallon – The YouTube Daily Top 20


Thursday, February 12 2015

Jimmy Fallon managed to once again jump to number one on the YouTube Daily Top 20. Fallon’s guest, 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson, awkwardly giggled her way through Fallon’s “Anything Can Be Sexy” challenge. Hopefully she’s a little more comfortable in her big screen roll than she was in the Tonight Show hot seat. YouTubers also reentered the charts in a big way today with Screen Junkies latest “Honest Trailer” hitting big along with Mental Floss, Vlogbrothers, Source Fed, and The Warp Zone. Leaving room for the occasional car chase or movie trailer to slip in between late night gags and YouTube explainers.

#1 Anything Can Be Sexy with Dakota Johnson – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#2 Woman in minivan stops high speed chase in Dallas – 2/11/15 – Kent Garrison

#3 Pitch Perfect 2 – Official Trailer 2 (HD) – Universal Pictures UK

#4 The Daily Show – Jon’s Big Announcement – Comedy Central

#5 TRAINWRECK Trailer #1 (2015) Judd Apatow Comedy Movie HD – CBR Trailers

#6 HEAT MAP Microwave- a NEW invention – Mark Rober

#7 This Is SportsCenter – Sharks –ESPN

#8 Honest Trailers – BoyhoodScreen Junkies

#9 23 Weird Awards – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (246) – Mental Floss

#10 The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms – BuzzFeedYellow

#11 Understanding Boko Haram – Vlogbrothers

#12 Calvin Harris – Pray to God ft. HAIM – CalvinHarrisVEVO

#13 Dr. Phil on Punishment Haircuts – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#14 Guys Read Each Other’s Texts To Their Girlfriends – Elite Daily


#16 Florence + The Machine – “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” – FlorenceMachineVEVO

#17 DSCOVR Launches Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 – NASAKennedy

#18 What Are Measles Parties? – Source Fed

#19 Sergei Polunin, “Take Me to Church” by Hozier – David LaChapelle Show

#20 Sevyn Streeter – “Don’t Kill The Fun” ft. Chris Brown [Official Video] – Sevyn Streeter

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