Are Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega Going After Gamers Now?

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Apparently Sonic the Hedgehog loves golden rings but hates copyright infringement. Complaints in tweet format are suggesting that Sega is actively targeting YouTube gamers now, primarily those who have videos featuring Sonic Let’s Plays on old systems and new. Predominantly it seems to be related to the iconic Sonic (hey, that rhymes!) sound that accompanies the game, but so far Sega isn’t talking about whether they are behind the copyright flagging.

(photo credit: PowerUpGaming)

(photo credit: PowerUpGaming)

This could be a tactic for the company, who recently has been experiencing some hard times, to put a contract like Nintendo’s into play with YouTube gamers. Nintendo, as you may recall, famously spurred a recent backlash over copyright and gaming, only to introduce a contract with those gamers that has allegedly been screamingly popular. Perhaps Sega wants a piece of that pie?

According to, the Japanese-run company put out a notice reading: “In North America and Europe we typically will not take action on YouTube videos or similar content. Monetization of YouTube videos is not something we consider, but we will demand the removal of any leaked footage as well as content that uses our properties in a malicious or inappropriate way.”

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So who is behind this evil plot? Methinks it could be Sonic’s archnemesis Dr. Robotnik. We’ll have to see as more develops.

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