Boobs, Beads & Beer: How To Do Mardi Gras On YouTube!

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So it’s Fat Tuesday, the crazy-ass celebration before Ash Wednesday when all sins are forgiven or whatever the Catholics believe. I, like most of the country, chooses to strip the religion away from the holiday (a la Christmas) and just focus on the drunken partying. Fortunately, YouTube joins me in the revelry! Laissez les bon temps roulez! Here’s how to do YouTube Mardi Gras right:

First, debate whether or not to indulge:

Jimmy Fallon Pros/Cons of Mardi Gras

Then, study the history:

VagaBrothers Give the History of Mardi Gras

Brush up on the local culture:

The Music of Mardi Gras: Jazz

The Floats of Mardi Gras

The Food of Mardi Gras

And then engage in some drinking:

How To Make Mardi Gras Drinks

And some boobage:

The Ladies of Mardi Gras, Um, Doing Their Thing

And Then, Because You Partied Too Hard:

Puking At Mardi Gras

Now go get some ash smeared on your head and pretend you are a good person.

But first share this article with all the other sinners out there.