Celebrity Twitter Snubs That Will Break Your Heart


The rise of social media has become a quick way to see if you’re REALLY friends with someone. If you aren’t Facebook friends? Not real friends. They never like your Instagram photos? Not real friends. Don’t follow you on Twitter? You guessed it, not real friends. It’s just the facts of life, kids.

Which makes the age old hobby of speculating which celebs are BFFs both on and off-screen a little easier to play. And a little more heartbreaking, in some cases.

Now, sure, it’s totally true that some people just accidentally unfollow each other, or that they prefer to focus on “real life” over the “faux reality” of social media — honestly, it’s good to believe in whatever helps you sleep at night, otherwise you’d spend every waking moment realizing how futile pursuing friendships and relationships and careers and life in general is. And if everyone realized that, who would be left to tweet funny jokes? (Answer: everyone, because laughter comes from pain.)

Anyway, I did some digging around so you wouldn’t have to, and came up with a list of celebrities whose failure to follow each other on Twitter will retroactively crush your childhood dreams that everyone in Hollywood loves each other and that everything you see on TV is just absolutely true and reflective of real life. Enjoy!


1. The Cast of Dawson’s Creek

No matter if you shipped Joey and Dawson or Joey and Pacey or hell, even Dawson and Pacey, you’re doomed to be disappointed by the realization that none of the three main actors of the beloved late ’90s/early ’00s WB drama follow each other on Twitter. Yes, Katie Holmes was probably kept under some kind of lock and key during her Scientology days with Tom Cruise, but those are behind her now! And James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson really don’t have any cult-related excuse for their apparent failure to keep in touch over the internet. Guess even when they don’t die unexpectedly in the finale, childhood friends really do grow apart.


2. The Charmed Sisters

When I delved into the mutual followings of the Charmed cast, I admit, this was not the broken relationship I expected to find. Every Halliwell aficianado has heard the long-standing rumors of the behind-the-scenes feud between Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano, which reportedly led to the former departing the show after season three. But Shannen and Alyssa follow each other on Twitter! Is it just for show? Do they actually have each other muted? Is Holly Marie Combs‘ tight-knit relationship with Shannen the reason she doesn’t follow Alyssa? (Did I forget about half-sister Rose McGowan entirely? Of course not, she has mutual follows with both Alyssa and HMC.) WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??


3. Cory Matthews and Mr. F-F-F-Feeny

As you go through this list, you’ll notice these are almost all people who once worked together but don’t anymore. Most celebs on current shows know better than to fail to keep up Twitter appearances lest it spark unnecessary gossip surrounding those involved (just ask the cast of Pretty Little Liars). So I almost didn’t bother checking on the cast of Boy Meets World since a lot of them have been appearing on the recent sequel/spin-off Girl Meets World, but curiosity got the best of me and lo and behold, the main take away was that Ben Savage aka the boy who did indeed meet the world doesn’t follow the man who played his mentor for so many years, though the rest of the cast does, and William Daniels, of course, follows Ben. Cory! How could you?


4. The Lizzie McGuire Gang

Look, I’m going to be honest and admit that I don’t think I ever saw an entire episode of Lizzie McGuire in my life. But I know it was formative for many of my peers, and as such, needed its place on this list. Turns out, much like Dawson’s Creek, none of the show’s three BFFs follow each other on the Twitters. Obviously Hilary Duff went on to bigger and better things after the Disney series (albeit somewhat briefly), but NO follows between any of the three?? Is your childhood crumbling yet?


5. Roswell‘s Besties

Roswell wasn’t as widely watched as Dawson’s or Charmed, but those of us who loved it loved it dearly. A group of alien teenagers hooking up with a group of human teenagers and everyone just being super angsty and overdramatic all while being hunted down by various aliens/government officials/parents — what’s not to love! One-half of the main pairing on the show was Shiri Appleby‘s Liz Parker, and one of the core relationships was her friendship with Majandra Delfino‘s Maria DeLuca. Through hormones and horrifying realizations of alien life walking among us, Liz and Maria were always there for each other. In a world where even romcom queen Katherine Heigl still follows all her cast mates, it’s admittedly disheartening to see that of the on-screen besties, only Shiri follows Majandra. Maybe another Roswell reunion is in order to get this friendship back where it belongs.


6. The Barden Bellas

Sure, this isn’t so much childhood-related, seeing as how Pitch Perfect came out in 2012 and the sequel is slated to be released in a few months, but realizing Twitter darling Anna Kendrick and light of my life Brittany Snow don’t follow each other on Twitter anymore was, obviously, the impetus for this entire article. The two stars sparked a fandom for the show that refused to die out even in between films, and that ships their characters as intensely as Taylor Swift ships all of her besties with unfettered success. Anna and Brittany always seemed to hang out and get along great after the first film…has something changed? Will the palpable Bechloe tension suffer for it in the new movie? I guess now we wait for the Pitch Perfect 2 press junket so we can overanalyze EVERYTHING…


7. The Fang Gang

The members of the Whedonverse are notorious for following basically everyone they’ve been in a show or movie with. But, as with anything, there are a few exceptions to be had. While the fact that the entire cast of Firefly doesn’t follow vocal conservative and self-proclaimed #GamerGate hashtag coiner Adam Baldwin is, honestly, no surprise whatsoever, discovering that David Boreanaz doesn’t follow Charisma Carpenter kind of is. Both actors made the leap from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel together, and their characters may well have been endgame pairing had that whole messy pregnancy debacle not happened both in the show and behind-the-scenes. One of Angel‘s worst decisions was the unceremonious eviction of Cordelia Chase from the show and from Angel’s life, and this social media slight may just twist the knife in that never-quite-healed wound a little further.


8. The Chosen Two

SPEAKING OF TWISTING KNIVES. Ha, hahahah, ahahahha. It hurts. When Sarah Michelle Gellar joined Twitter, it was a joyous day, accompanied by many of her former cast mates welcoming her aboard. Ah, I remember it well. I also remember how slow she was to adapt and follow them back. And I also remember refreshing her “following” list for days waiting to see if she’d ever follow back Eliza Dushku. Spoiler alert: She didn’t.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 1.45.50 PM

The two actresses played the only two vampire slayers in the world (for the time being) on the WB’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with SMG’s Buffy representing what would happen if a slayer grew up with a good support system, and Eliza’s Faith ultimately going off the deep end as a slayer the world had more or less failed at every turn. The relationship between the two characters started out fairly well but soon turned rocky and quite inflammatory (SPOILERS! including a scene where Buffy stabs Faith with her own knife, and, um, several where Faith basically tries to kill everyone). The general behind-the-scenes stories that came out of BtVS certainly have their own less-than-friendly anecdotes, but you don’t hear much about these two in particular, and it certainly doesn’t make this discovery sting any less.


9. F•R•I•E•N•D•S

Only four of the main six Friends cast members are on Twitter. And yes, thank god, they all follow each other. But you know who else is on Twitter? The guy who played Rachel Green-obsessed barista Gunther. And of COURSE he follows all his former cast mates. And of COURSE, much like on the show itself, they don’t seem particularly aware of his existence. Womp womp. On the bright side, at least Jennifer Aniston still remains Twitter-less. Her not following him would somehow just be so much worse. (And I think we all know she wouldn’t.)


10. Victoria Beckham and…Everyone Else

Okay, so this certainly doesn’t surprise anybody, but it still had to be pointed out.

What celebrity “friendships” make you lie awake at night as you face the cold hard reality that they may have never been friends at all and that everything is merely a ruse for publicity? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share!

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