Child Dancer From Missy Elliott Videos Posts Tribute

There’s a decent chance you’ve seen actress/singer Alyson Stoner on YouTube or in a movie or at the very least heard of her. But what you may not have known is that she was that somewhat iconic little white girl featured in several of Missy Elliott’s music videos back in the day. Responding to tweets during Missy’s Super Bowl performance wondering what had happened to her after she grew up, Alyson decided to take to YouTube and post a tribute video to Missy, recreating a lot of the old dance moves she knew so well as a young one.

There are many scenarios in which this could have gone terribly wrong and caused unforgivable second-hand embarrassment in those of us watching, but fortunately, Alyson’s still got her moves down, and it’s a fun and nostalgic video for any fan of hers or of Missy’s to check out.