Connor Franta’s New Product Will Give You The Jitters

It seems like every week we announce another new project from one of the members of the late, great vlogger troupe that was O2L. This week the wheel of follow-ups spins back to Connor Franta. Not to be outdone by Kian and Jc’s new channel or Ricky Dillon’s new album, Connor is branching out with his very own coffee line. True to form, Connor’s new line of Common Culture Coffee will not only be delicious, it’ll also be wholesome.


Franta teamed up with the LA Coffee Club to curate his own personalized brand of coffee. The beans are fair trade, meaning that the product will benefit coffee growers as well as Connor’s wallet. As an added bonus, one dollar out of every purchase will be donated to the Thirst Project, a non-profit organization that builds clean water wells in developing countries. Thirst is a cause that Connor has been consistently passionate about over the years. Last year he spearheaded a fundraising campaign that raised $230,000.

If you’re excited to try Connor’s new line then there’s just one small catch. The product is only going to be available for 48 hours as a trial run. If the product performs well then it might be sticking around, but otherwise this could be your only chance to sample Connor’s coffee. Check it out at L.A. Coffee Club and let us know what you think — or if you’re heading to Playlist Live in Orlando this weekend, try to snag us a free sample.


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