Did Jason Roberts Get Booted Out of the Simple Pickup Crew?

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So I couldn’t help but notice that Jason Roberts isn’t in the video introduction for Simple Pickup’s channel introduction video along with Jesse and Kong. Hmm, that’s odd, I thought, then hewed to my worst journalistic instincts and decided it was nothing. Later, I noticed he wasn’t in any of the new videos. Maybe he’s taking a vacation, I thought again, allowing myself to absolutely bathe in naïveté. Finally, I decided to reach out to the guys (well, their people — everyone has people now) and ask in the most casual way possible: what the hell is up? The response? Basically, a “we can’t talk about it.”

So now my spidey sense is tingling … what the hell can’t they talk about? Jason’s Facebook page still mentions him as being involved — but only with Simple Misfits, and even then, he’s not in any of THOSE videos. I reached out to him specifically for clarification … we’ll see if he also “can’t talk about it.” But that’s strange, right? He’s been part of the core crew since the dawn of Simple Pickup.

What could possibly be so bad that he’d mysteriously be erased from the Simple Pickup landscape like some World War II-era officer in Stalin’s employ? Something is going down here, people!


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